Tomorrow’s competitive environment presents a host of challenges to ecommerce organizations, and many of those challenges are rooted in information systems. This is First Retail’s sweet spot.

Poeple, Process, Data

Outdated enterprise applications that need to upgraded or replaced; systems that do not talk to each other making business processes inefficient or impossible; or a lack of timely information upon which to make critical business decisions.


First Retail takes on those technology challenges in ecommerce in the broader sense, but our heart lies at the intersection of process, technology and data for enterprise organizations. We help clear systems hurdles, ensure alignment of processes and customer propositions, and put in the infrastructure for tomorrow’s seamless omnichannel operations.

First Retail offers three types of intervention for the ecommerce business – Digital Transformation, Omnichannel Implementation, Insights and Intelligence. Each of these practice areas covers strategy, execution and technology evaluation and implementation.


First Retail teams pride themselves on being responsive to client requirements and proactive in understanding business needs and issues before they arise. Our consultants are multi-skilled which allows them to be flexible and adaptable as the deliver against project objectives.We follow a structured and methodical approach designed to ensure knowledge transfer and mitigation of risk.

Our team members are selected for their maturity, expertise and experience and will therefore operate in a manner sensitive to the each client organization.Our approach is holistic and pragmatic allowing us to quickly identify and address business challenges at their root cause and to manage around valid constraints. Combining both enterprise and startup pedigrees, we aim to provide a cost effective solution that is focused on client success.