Digital Transformation

Focusing People, Processes & Technology on the Customer

A true digital transformation upends business models and causes seismic shifts in industries. Amazon, Uber and AirBnB caught their respective competitors asleep at the wheel by harnessing technology to restate legacy customer value propositions. We define digital transformation as reinventing business models to thrive in a data rich environment. To deliver this transformation, more traditional businesses need to overcome the challenges of vision, strategy and change management while tending to existing business.

On the ground a digital transformation is delivered via the company’s products and services and to this end there is an execution capability required that takes three forms


Builds customer centricity by defining smooth customer interactions at all touchpoint, leveraging existing or manufacturing new data to inform those processes.


Orchestrates customer focus initiatives across all projects and increases chances of success by championing the business case and turning it into action


Ensures data and technology support a seamless experience and 360° customer view, making sure that data is collected, stored and flows freely around the organization

Why we are different

Of course our Product and Program Managers and Architects are well versed in the product development and delivery lifecycle, we can roll over waterfalls or do backflips in agile, this is table stakes. What we bring is a vision of how to create new data products or new data rich services that disrupt, if not industries then at least the outdated parts of your business model. We create change where it is needed.