Omnichannel Implementation

Implement Scalable and Reliable Ecommerce Systems and Omnichannel Infrastructure

Whether retail, financial services, travel or any consumer facing proposition, your customers are interacting on more channels than ever before, online, on smartphones, via your site, your mobile app or via smart speakers. When they start an interaction on one channel, they expect to pick it up seamlessly on another without loss of context or status. Most organizations, even startups, have a portfolio of legacy systems that have been glued together. The more systems, the less efficient at scale and more prone to costly glitches. To deliver the friction-free experience that customers now expect, requires systems that are deeply coupled, share meta-data and can provide end-to-end visibility and cross-process insight.


Baseline legacy systems and objective vendor evaluations to build the business case for a systems review or complete re-platforming


Customization, integration and migration planning maintain uptime and consistent customer experience


Manage critical technology updates, cloud infrastructure and minimize application downtime

Why First Retail is Different

Experienced systems integrators abound, many in deep relationships with platform and applications vendors, each of whom will readily supply consultants for implementation and integration. The team at First Retail has walked in your shoes, carried out the Level of Benefit analysis, been through the build vs buy decision process, run RFPs, hired and fired implementation team members and seen the projects through to delivery and supported them afterwards. When there were pagers, we carried them, today we are a text message away.