Insights and Intelligence

We believe that data is the lifeblood of modern business decision making and customer experiences

Businesses today are awash with data, but they are short on insight delivered when, where and how it is needed. If you feel you don’t have visibility into basic business metrics then you are not alone. Organizations are still evolving their capabilities to not only analyze available information but to act on it. Organizations are also trying to find their groove in big data and data science by learning how to ask better questions. Organizations are working out how machine learning will get them closer to their customers, partners and employees and cultivating data to train the machines.


Treating data as a corporate asset providing governance and strategies to realize monetary value


Implementation of scalable data architectures and pipelines to deliver insights to the point of decision


Data science, data engineering and machine learning woven into the fabric of your decision making

Why First Retail is Different

Since founding in 2010, First Retail has maintained a strategic view of data, assisting some of the world’s largest organizations with their data strategy to helping the smallest startups just implement quick, scalable tactical solutions. We have worked with enterprise organizations with legacy SAP and Oracle systems to the newest organizations with zero data infrastructure. Our baseline mode of operation is that businesses must transform themselves to operate in an environment that is far richer in data than ever before.