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Developing Data Products, A Methodology

What is a Data Product?

Technically speaking, a ‘data product’ is an insight or tool created out of existing or purposely acquired raw data that can be used to improve decision making, generally by clients, consumers or other organizations.


An online Data Science Resource

At First Retail we are proud of our foresight at the intersection of business and technology. From the projects we win, to the consultants we hire and our ongoing investments in technology research, we have cultivated a spirit of innovation and disruption in all that we do.


Beyond Omni-Channel

Omni-Channel retailing seems to be all the rage these days - aligning assortment, centralizing inventory and providing a seamless customer experience. However, there are a number of interesting startups that are innovating beyond the current Omni-channel paradigms (March 2013)


Who Will Displace the Mighty AMZN?

Amazon has not only created the model of online retail, but as they continue to broaden their assortment through Marketplace, but went further to create Amazon Web Services and Fulfillment By Amazon that make it simple to display, promote and ship their products. This is how they will maintain their dominance at least in the medium term.


Getting to 'No'

After 12 years spent as a Product Manager working for Enterprise Software, Startups, blue-chip retailers and financial services companies and advising many more, I have been able to boil it all down to one key skill - the ability to say 'No'. This post explains why 'No' is the one word that product managers need to be able to say with authority and comfort knowing that it will be well received.