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Getting to 'No'

After 12 years spent as a Product Manager working for Enterprise Software, Startups, blue-chip retailers and financial services companies and advising many more, I have been able to boil it all down to one key skill - the ability to say 'No'. This post explains why 'No' is the one word that product managers need to be able to say with authority and comfort knowing that it will be well received.


Disrupting Retail 2013

In March 2013, we gathered a few folks who might be open to thoughtful exploration of ecommerce, social media and big data and we sat in a room room for a few hours to discuss and debate the implications for the retail industry.


The Web is the Market

Consumers and businesses are quickly embracing the new forms of retail, a trend that further hastens the demise of the traditional retailer. Brick and mortar turned into online retail which when combined with social media has become Social Commerce. First Retail's tagline, "the web is the market" begs the question, 'How will Social Commerce mature from early attempts at recommendations, likes and influencers?'. Here's how we are thinking...


Future Trends Forum: The Six C’s of Social Technologies

On December 14-16, 2011, the Fundación de la Innovación Bankinter held the XVII Future Trends Forum in Madrid. The distinguished conference brought together some 50 participants across industries who were eager to understand the relevance of social technologies to their companies. The Social Data Lab and First Retail Inc. were invited to participate as thought leaders for this meeting.