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Payments - The Re-Statement of Currency

Retailing has always been the exchange of goods for money. However the social web, the semantic web and the internet of things is opening up new possibilities as to how this exchange can be made. Barter, new currencies and new economies will create new forms of exchange.


Global Markets - When Supply and Demand Move Offshore

Globalization has been with us for a while - the next few years will see more expansion into new markets where supply and demand both exist. What will the role of the new entrant retailer be in those markets and will new retailing forces appear from those quarters?


Multi-channel - Stores, Online, Mobile and More

The online, offline, mobile and social channels are all viable ways to buy, but the consumer will want to hop between them seamlessly. Retailers must provide truly multi-channel experiences and to do so will require deep integration of systems, processes and performance measures.


Business to Individual, the maturing of VRM

Over the next 5 years we will see a shift in the power balance between retailers and consumers. Social Media followed by VRM will spawn a new generation of applications that will shop on behalf of the consumer - the fourth parties.


Five for Five - 5 Retail Trends 2011-2016

Five emergent trends that will shape retailing - VRM, Multichannel, Globalization, Payments and Data. What will be the evolution of each of these trends and how should retailers respond?