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Time for Semantic ETL?

What’s the link between the trends of more and more objects and even commercial transactions on the web being described in a machine-readable, semantic format and the endless streaming of all that data?


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Retail Futures - The Technology Imperative

The provocation is that a traditional retailer’s current set of capabilities and differentiators no longer delivers competitive advantage. A host of new entrants, not instantly recognizable as retailers, is turning the retail experience inside out. This post dissects the broader retail experience as it is shaping up and sets the technology imperatives for the modern retail enterprise.


Priming the iPad for for Frictionless Retailing

Back in the late nineties Jeff Bezos of coined the term 'frictionless retailing' - throwing down the gauntlet to online retailers to improve product search, personalization, customer loyalty, recommendations and simplified carts and payments - yet today the consumer experience remains far from frictionless. However, the arrival of the iPad enables online retailers bring their shopping experiences up to date.