Since 2010 First Retail has provided ecommerce services to clients such as M-Factor. We bring a deeply experienced team of retail, supply chain and technology professionals that will identify and fill in the gaps between client organization and software vendor to ensure a complete and functional end-to-end implementation.


The retail landscape is changing faster than we can update this website, we've moved from bricks to clicks to mobile and then back again to Omnichannel. The new normal is one of constant change, where First Retail has been leading the way since 2010.

Our team of retail experts will help you meet the challenges of tomorrow's rapid retail evolution through highly targeted short engagements to help you overtake and stay ahead of your competition. We have an innovative approach to identifying new opportunities and to deliver complete solutions in short timeframes.

Tightly Scoped Engagements:

          - Beyond mobile strategy and execution
          - Big data planning, design and execution
          - Beyond omnichannel and execution
          - Social data, customer engagement and execution

Of course you will have your own vision and set of challenges - let us craft a short project around those.


Got a big daunting project and not enough experienced staff? Yep, that's something we hear a lot. Let us lighten your load with our team of highly experienced consultants who have managed and delivered projects for some of the largest retailers in North America.

From capturing and documenting requirements to vendor selection, implementation and support, our team has delivered the nuts and bolts of retail technology with an innovative twist since 2010.

We're not like the other guys. We won't roll up with a car load of cubs that are eager to learn on your dime. We might have held senior or executive posts, but we will roll up our sleeves so your job gets done. Along the way we will be able to provide some insight that comes from long experience. The First Retail team is ready and able to take the reins to make sure that your mission critical projects are successful.

See the types of services we offer below:


Strategy – business case development, cost benefit justification, proposal writing, market requirements documentation (MRD), risk assessment

Roadmap – scoping, business & technology roadmaps, program office and project frameworks

Vendor Selection – request for proposal, vendor evaluation & selection and vendor management

Requirements – business process modeling, function mapping, product requirements documentation (PRD)

Architecture – technology strategy, platform architecture, systems scalability and failover planning

Integration – systems interface mapping, interface design, build and test, gap analysis

Implementation – hardware provisioning, system configuration, customization, testing specification, quality assurance and UAT, user training

Support and Maintenance – support contract management, system maintenance and front-line support


Product Reference – item reference file set-up, attribute rationalization and PIM implementation

Category and Taxonomy – category and taxonomy creation and management

Merchandising Operations – site merchandising processes, task management and application setup

Order Management – forecasting processes, demand planning and order creation, mapping to legacy processes and vendor systems

Inbound Supplier Chain – ordering, shipping logistics, import requirements

Inventory Management – warehouse selection and configuration, best practice stock management

Fulfillment and Returns – 3PL selection, shipping logistics, integration with order management and shipment tracking systems

Customer Service – call center selection and setup, CSR performance optimization

Business Intelligence and Analytics – out of box reporting, tool selection, configuration and implementation, data warehouse design and build, dashboard performance management frameworks


eStore – Magento, Amazon, Demandware, ATG

Marketing Automation – Bronto, CLM24

Imagery –Scene7, Magic Zoom

Web Analytics and SEO - Omniture

Site Search – Endeca, Lucene,

Customer Experience Management – SessionCam

Finance, Payments and Tax – Netsuite, Cybersource, Taxware

Order Management – Sterling, Netsuite

3PL and Inventory Management – Netsuite, Amazon FBA

Customer Service – Netsuite

PIM – Riversand

Business Intelligence and Analytics – Crystal, Tableau, AmazonRedShift, MySQL


Skilled Team – Data Scientists, Data & BI Analysts, Data Engineers

Analytical Tools – Python, R, Tableau, RStudio, SAS

Databases – Hive, SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MS Access

Web Analytics and SEO - Omniture

Machine Learning – Linear and Multiple Regression, Decision Trees, Logistic Regression, Random Forest

Statistics – P-value, Z-test, and t-test

Service Models – Staff Augmentation, Data Science Projects, Managed Teams

We are confident that First Retail can assist organizations hungry for new insights to provide competitive advantage by providing them with managed resources that will allow business departments to move their analytics projects forwards at speed.


First Retail teams pride themselves on being responsive to client requirements and proactive in understanding business needs and issues before they arise. Our consultants are multi-skilled which allows them to be flexible and adaptable as the deliver against project objectives.

We follow a structured and methodical approach designed to ensure knowledge transfer and mitigation of risk. First Retail team members are selected for their maturity, expertise and experience and will therefore operate in a manner sensitive to the each client organization.

Our approach is holistic and pragmatic allowing us to quickly identify and address business challenges at their root cause and to manage around valid constraints. Combining both enterprise and startup pedigrees, we aim to provide a cost effective solution that is focused on client success.