Benefits Delivered

First Retail has partnered with organizations spanning global conglomerates to stealth startups and been able to deliver a stream of benefits that has our clients and sponsors calling us back for repeat engagements.


Delivered a benefit stream in excess of $900M


Successfully served 32 clients

12 x 3
12 x 3

Across 12 industries and 3 continents


With a network of over 200 experienced consultants

We may be small but we think fast and work diligently to make our sponsors heroes.

Client Testimonials

Blog Highlights

  • COVID-19’s Effect on Customers, Retailers and Ecommerce Platforms

    COIVD-19 and Ecommerce   COVID-19 is decimating economies, businesses and supply chains globally. Retail and direct to consumer brands are at the sharp end of these shifts. We are now......

  • Hiring Data Scientists is hard!
    3 Questions to ask yourself before hiring a Data Scientist

    Hiring a Data Scientist can be a daunting task, but why exactly is it so difficult? When the Harvard Business Review named “data scientist’ the sexiest job of the 21st century......

  • The building blocks of a data strategy for a CDO
    The role of the Chief Data Officer (CDO)

    An August 2019 MIT Sloan article begins with the premise “As the chief data officer (CDO) role evolves to focus on innovation and growth, job ambiguity and entrenched company cultures......

  • B2B Marketing
    CLV for B2B Part II

    In my our blog post we discussed some of the difficulties regarding CLV for B2B and looked at some of the use cases once it is achieved. Whereas the prior......

  • B2B Marketing
    CLV for B2B Part I

    In our prior posts we explored what most certainly isn’t CLV and how CLV and CBCV (created by the minds at Theta Equity Partners) can be used for Omnichannel Retailers.......

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We’re Hiring

  • Hiring Data Scientists is hard!
    Ecommerce Product Manager

    We’re looking for an experienced Product Manager with B2C ecommerce experience to work with our team of consultants at...

  • Ecommerce Program Manager

      We’re looking for an experienced Program Manager with B2C ecommerce experience to work with our team of consult...

  • Platform Data Engineer

    Technologies If you have a passion for writing data processing software, including acquisition, cleansing, correlation, ...

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