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At First Retail we are proud of our foresight at the intersection of business and technology. From the projects we win, to the consultants we hire and our ongoing investments in technology research, we have cultivated a spirit of innovation and disruption in all that we do.


As a strategic consultancy, we have always been asked to help our clients predict the future whether in Big Data Analytics, Ecommerce or Conversational Commerce. We have designed, built and deployed technology and process solutions to solve the trickiest of problems. But as a consultancy our greatest asset is our people, those who are currently working with us, those who have worked with us in the past and those who will work with us in the future.


We want to make sure that our consultants, whatever time they have or will spend with us, are equipped with the tools, predictions and insights that will not only make them successful, but will allow them to stand head and shoulders above other consultants in the industry.


We are launching an advisory and advocacy service open to all our consultants. We will share our most interesting insights and observations (where we are permitted by our clients), training materials and pathways to developing skills and capabilities and for getting help when you need it. This service will be free to the First Retail community of consultants. If you have any thoughts on how we could build this to help you, please drop us a note


We look forward to our time together
The Team at First Retail

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