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In the time that it would have taken one of the Big 3 to fly out a partner to negotiate a deal, First Retail came in, diagnosed the problem with our diverse data sources and had implemented a world class, production ready multiple data source API that enabled our Customer to scale their business. This was foundation of our ability to scale. – Bruce Pagliuca
Chief Executive Officer
M-Factor (now part of IBM Retail)

M-Factor’s forward looking demand models allowed manufacturers to continuously analyze, forecast and optimize marketing investments and trade spend. A set of patented processes generated models that simply outperformed other models. Yet the bottleneck to success lay in a far more mundane piece of plumbing.

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The data coming in from the myriad retailers and agencies was inconsistent and sometimes just plain incorrect, and getting the data sources to comply without each undertaking a major project was not an option. Being a time critical business, we had to think fast.

First Retail came in, sized up the problem and came in with a pragmatic methodology that could be deployed quickly with a long term solution. Their extensive experience with scaled applications plus a deep understanding of enterprise data gave them the edge in this problem space.

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